Keeping your plumbing systems in top shape is key to preventing problems – and plumbing problems can often be disastrous. The benefits of being a planned maintenance customer include:

  • Priority Customer Service
  • No Overtime Charges
  • Discount on Repairs
  • Extend Equipment Life
  • Avoid Costly Repairs
  • Budget Repairs
  • Lower Energy Bills
  • Agreement is Transferrable

"Regular Maintenance is something that most people ignore. Many things can be avoided with regular, scheduled inspections. If you wait to react, there is already a problem."

1 & 2 Year Plans Available


  • Twice a year home visits to inspect fixtures, faucets, settings & operation
  • Flush Hot Water Tank
  • Read and adjust hot water temperatures (as required)
  • Look for leaks at all fixtures, faucets, softner and hot water tank
  • Check p-traps, shut-off valves and supply tubes for leaks
  • Check water hardness
  • Check water pressure
  • Check gas connections
  • Assess any potential code violations
  • Discuss all findings and operational issues with home owner
  • 10% off necessary repairs
  • Any required repairs are not included in inspection price and must be authorized by the owner

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